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Best Feeding Spoons for Babies: What Is the First Spoon To Buy for Your Baby?

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When your child already begins to eat on his own, he needs baby training spoons so that he wants to do this without your help. But how do you pick the best option given how many options are available in stores? Today we’ll show you what are good spoons to use for babies that can make a great first spoon, as well as the criteria for choosing the right one.

What To Look For When Choosing the First Baby Spoon?

first baby spoon

And so, before going directly to the list of spoons, let’s define what is important to consider when choosing such an important kitchen attribute. The main selection criteria include:

  1. Material. There are both silicone and plastic and metal spoons. If your child has teeth cut, or he just likes to gnaw a lot, then it is better to choose a spoon made of safe silicone. As an adult, you can start giving your child spoons of their metal, or other environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Appearance. The more beautiful the spoon, the more likely the child would want to use it several times a day. Many parents know that if the baby doesn’t like a spoon, then he is unlikely to want to eat food from it. Therefore, it is worth choosing a bright spoon, perhaps even with the child’s favorite cartoon character.
  3. Price. You shouldn’t buy spoons that are too cheap because you would be so little sure of the quality of the product. Also, you don’t need to take too expensive spoons, given that it is possible that you would change them in a year or two. In general, it is better to have a few spoons in stock for various occasions if you want to choose a set that would last for several years for sure.
  4. Additional features. There are spoons with different capabilities, such as a teether. This is a very useful thing that, along with nutrition, would cope with unpleasant sensations on the gums. In addition, there are folding spoons for travel, as well as double spoons with a fork at the other end.

Compare all these criteria with the child’s age, preferences and needs. You may be a frequent traveler, which means you need an extra travel spoon. Also, when buying, you can ask your baby for an opinion, so that he determines what to use. Give them some safe baby spoons and have him show them the right one.

Best Baby Spoons for Feeding

best feeding spoons for babies

We selected the best baby spoons based on customer reviews, quality, material, and price. As a result, we found several optimal options:

Monee Silicone

The silicone safety spoon is great for teaching your child to eat with it. It has a soft, curly end that can be used as a teether. Its delicate colors and cute animals would certainly be able to interest a child in eating food. It is thanks to these features that it can be called the best first spoon for a baby, right? So if your child needs teething stimulation, buy this spoon. It is worth noting that silicone needs good care because if you often give your child any vegetables or fruits with bright juice, they can paint the product.

Bambusi Natural Bamboo

If you are trying to buy environmentally friendly dishes, then you need this particular spoon made of natural bamboo, as well as silicone in bright colors that any child would definitely like. Users claim that the spoons are compact, flexible, and can also get into even the most inaccessible places in the jar and collect all the leftovers from it. Make sure that the silicone part doesn’t come off while eating.

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

Agree, these spoons look out of the box, but this is what makes them special. The straight handle would allow the child to hold it as soon as it is convenient for him, which is perfect for teaching himself to eat on his own. In addition, this set is perfect for both puree and harder food, which is suitable for babies 6 months and older. If you want your child to be interested in the process of eating food, then definitely buy this the best spoon for baby, because it’s worth it!

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons

Despite the very low price (about half a dollar each), the spoons are of excellent quality, which isn’t toxic to children. These spoons are more suitable for older children who already practically don’t gnaw everything. By buying such a whole set, you can be sure that it would last for a very long time, which may be needed, even if you just lose one spoon from the set. And of course, it would be interesting for your child to use several spoons of different colors at once so that his interest in a spoon can hardly fade away. These are the spoons that deserve the attention of every parent looking for quality dishes for their child. We believe that of all the best feeding spoons for babies, NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils would be the most suitable for every child. Perhaps you also consider, considering all its benefits and of course its appearance. But if you liked another option, then feel free to take it. Surely your little one would be delighted with the new little thing!

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