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Benefits of eating placenta

eating placenta after birth benefits

Women’s forums are a real treasure trove of all kinds of information. An especially, forum where pregnant or women who gave birth share their experiences. These discussions are informative and very often cause a lot of questions. Sometimes, the hair stands on end from the fantasy or terrible stories that occurred in the lives of these women heroines. Men always pass by these “passions” and this is the last thing they are interested in.

In today’s, modern evidence-based medicine, when mankind has learned to fight different types of cancer, control the development of HIV infection, and make beautiful cybernetic prostheses that are difficult to distinguish from the human flesh, some are “against”. These people continue to be treated with homeopathy, belief in the health benefits of eating placenta, and listen to alternative treatments. Even after they have no scientific proof and no common sense in principle.

Placenta consumption benefits and popular trend

Increasingly, women keep their placenta and take it out of the hospital. Like cats, they eat it with the hope that they can get a lot of vitamins and useful elements with this magic organ which was the main filter and protection for the baby for 9 months.

Kim Kardashian dried her placenta and made capsules to be drunk every day. This method of healing is also promoted by Alicia Silverstone and more than 10 famous and influential women.

You can also find a recipe for lasagna where the placenta is the main ingredient along with tomatoes, milk, onions, beef, and herbs. And what about smoothies with placenta and strawberries? And these are not all culinary perversions that can be found on the Internet and in social networks.

We were interested in the theme and the new chip of women who gave birth and the so-called trend “benefits of eating placenta”. Why is it good to eat your placenta and why is it so common among women?

What is the placenta and what is the placenta good for?

benefits of eating placenta

The female placenta is the only organ that is in the body only at a certain period – during pregnancy. It is like a natural filter and transport channel that provides the baby with food, air, and nutrients. It also protects the baby from various infections (although some can pass this barrier). In short, it is a very nutritious and useful substance that mother and child need.

Is eating placenta healthy?

Well, we have already realized that it certainly doesn’t kill and thousands of women can use it even raw (because it is more useful). But what is the most important thing in this topic is eating placenta good for you?

As supporters of a kind of “cannibalism” say, eating the placenta helps women:

  • to recover from childbirth;
  • make up for the lack of iron in the body;
  • fight against postpartum depression;
  • establishes a special bond between mother and child;
  • evens out the hormonal background.

Plus, men can also join the miracle rite and be healed.

This is cool and impressive, of course, but now let’s go back to common sense and discuss how useful or harmful it really is.

Scientists have not seen positive results from eating the placenta in the increase of estrogen and milk formation in the breast of a breastfeeding mother.

In addition, the placenta actually has the same iron and hormones, but no one has any idea how many of them are there and what will happen to this “vitamin complex” after heat treatment.

In addition, cadmium, mercury, and lead accumulate in the placenta. These guys from the Mendeleev table are unlikely to improve anything.

Of course, you decide for yourself what to cook for breakfast today, but we still advise you to think soberly and not to believe in different beliefs.

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