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The Best App to Track Baby Feeding and Diapers That Every Mom Should Have on Her Phone!

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Every mother knows how difficult it can be to care for a child from the very beginning. Of course, many don’t have enough time to keep up with everything and constantly monitor while still cleaning the house, preparing food, sometimes working, and taking care of themselves. At the same time, everyone needs to constantly remember when you last fed your baby, how much he slept, and much more. What to do, you ask. We will show you the best baby tracker apps free and paid, which you will need to download right now so that your life will radically change and become much more organized and calmer.

Best Apps to Keep Track of Baby Feedings and Other Most Important Aspects of a Baby

We have studied all possible applications that will surely be useful for every mom. We have studied the features and capabilities of each, and also carefully studied user feedback. These baby trackers received only positive reviews from real mothers, who said that with them, it became much easier for them to follow the baby. So you can try each of the following apps with confidence.

BabyCenter – Best Free Baby Tracking App

baby tracker apps free

This is an incredibly versatile baby tracker android that will help you not only after childbirth but also during pregnancy. Here you can learn every day about different symptoms and what can help you. In addition, you can follow the development of the child, because the application has a list of stages that will surely happen soon, as well as a sleep and feeding tracker. If you are unsure of something, or you don’t know something, then you can read articles that are also posted every day, or join a community where mothers like you are sitting. In the community, you can calmly ask exciting questions, or advise younger moms. And yes, it’s a baby app free, so you can download it right now!


best baby tracker

It has everything you need to keep track of the main aspects of your child. The application itself is very attractive. In your account, you can add your baby’s name and photo to make everything look even cuter. This best app tracks baby feeding and diapers, recording each event as it happens for a better understanding of modes, periods. Looking at these statistics, you can easily see any deviation. In addition, there are tons of helpful tips to help you in the early stages of your miracle life. In the newborn baby feeding tracker, you can also chat with other mothers about your children, or you can even find a new friend nearby to walk with.

Baby +

baby development app free

We are sure that this application will become one of the most useful and interesting on your phone! Inside the app to track feedings and diapers, you can enter your child’s data, track his development, growth, as well as the growth of teeth. In addition, there is a lot of useful information here that will be useful to you during upbringing, development, feeding, and much more. In addition to these useful things, in this best baby tracker, you can find cute humming songs. Surely you haven’t heard of such people anywhere else. A nice bonus in the application is the ability to save a photo of your child, creating a small virtual album. Surely after a while, you will remember this wonderful time with joy.

Baby Tracker

baby trackers

If you aren’t looking for the most sophisticated application, where there is even too much, then this free baby tracker will be the best choice for you. Every time you feed, change diapers, and sleep, you will be able to enter data about this to monitor the dynamics of the child’s development or possible outages in his health. Here, all data is summarized in a convenient chart, so that it will be easier for you to see any changes. In addition, in an app to track baby feeding and diapers free you can take pictures of your baby every month. After all, only in the photo can you see how quickly it grows. You can then look at all these photos or show them to your family.


apps to keep track of baby feedings

As in other applications, you can enter data about sleep, feeding, diaper change, and more. But still, the track baby feeding and diaper app have some features that make it stand out from all the others. You can also indicate what food the child ate, how he managed to fall asleep, and even what his stool looks like, which is certainly important for every mother. Based on the entered data, the program will calculate how many diapers you may need per day, or when to feed your baby. In addition, you will be prompted with tips that will indicate the approximate time for the child’s best sleep. Agree, this is very useful. This app is free, but if you want to know more about your child’s individual sleep, then purchase a paid subscription. We are sure that this is necessary to be confident in the development of the baby.


newborn baby tracker

If you most want to focus on good baby development, then this baby development app free will help you the most. Here is just a huge amount of useful materials and literature that every mother should read for a better understanding of the nutrition and development of her baby. When you have already noticed that you have passed some stage in development, you can note this and smoothly move on to the next one. There is also a lot of information on how to develop a child, as well as good examples that you can take at home on your own. To see even more useful activities, you will need to have a paid subscription.


If you only want to track your baby’s breastfeeding, then these apps do the best job. Since this application is made by moms for moms, it will be as convenient for you to work with it. Here you can enter data on which side the baby was fed, what time it was and how long it lasted. In the final analysis of the application, you can see the dynamics of the fact that your child began to eat more, and, therefore, grow. If you see deviations, you can contact your doctor to find out the reason for the deviations in feeding.

We are sure that at least one newborn baby tracker you liked according to our description. You can find out more about it in the app store on your smartphone. Start learning and installing them now!

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