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Simple Girl Baby Shower Ideas: How to Prepare and Tell about a Girl?

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Simple Girl Baby Shower Ideas

If you thought that we would only devote time to boys, then this isn’t so. Today, you will also learn about cute baby shower ideas for a girl. Get ready, because now you would immerse yourself in a special shiny and cute atmosphere. We will also complete the information for organizing the perfect ideas for girl baby shower themes for your little princess.

Tips for Organizing Baby Girl Shower Ideas

Continuing our theme of organizing this very special holiday, let’s talk about some more details to consider before and during the process of creating baby shower ideas for a girl:

  1. Set the date and time of the holiday in advance and send out the invitation cards. It is recommended to inform the guests in advance of the date and time of the holiday so that even far-away guests can visit it. After you’ve made your guest list, send out the invitation cards and start planning the party later. And we will describe the girl’s ideas for a baby shower for invitations later in the article.
  2. Choose a suitable location for your party. The choice of venue depends on your personal preference and how many guests are invited to the event. The least trouble for the expectant mother would be a holiday organized not at her home. If you have a special theme for the holiday, then adjust to it if possible.
  3. Plan gift ideas. It is recommended to make a list of gifts in order to avoid repetition. It would also be useful to include the baby’s dad or one of the future mother’s close friends in planning. So you would quickly find out what you need and what would bring you joy.
  4. Come up with fun games. When choosing games for a party, it isn’t their number that is important, but creativity and originality so that all guests can participate. However, in this euphoria of the holiday, one shouldn’t forget about the needs of the expectant mother: too long and tiring a celebration can only do harm.
  5. Take care of decorations and snacks. Whether it’s a garden party or a cozy tea party with delicious small and funnily decorated cakes, it’s best to share the cooking among all the guests or ask those closest to you. Thus, everyone can make their little contribution to this holiday. But if you aren’t celebrating at home, then don’t worry about it, just control the process. The same goes for room decoration.
  6. Lots of photos. You can take special pictures not only during the holiday but also before. Take pictures as you buy various parts and prepare for this day. Show your guests pictures of your baby. Capture the moments when gifts would be given to you. You would remember these sincere and exciting emotions, not only in your memory.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas for Girl

If you are sending out invitations, think about the selected baby shower theme ideas for a girl and style them accordingly. Try to convey the concept of the holiday on this small postcard so that future guests can understand what to prepare for. Also, don’t forget that if you follow a certain dress code or any other rules of the evening, then this must be indicated.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas for Girl
Pink Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Remember that the number of people invited depends on the place, time, and your relationship with a particular person. If you initially chose a certain list of guests, then you should adjust to the number of people when choosing a venue for the holiday.

Baby Shower Girl Themes Ideas for the Holiday Table

There are thousands of good girl baby shower ideas on Pinterest to create the perfect yummy table. All of them are special in their own way, but only you would know what you want. It is also advisable to choose the decoration of the table and cake to the theme of the evening. A predominance of more delicate shades is desirable. You can use, for example, pink, peach, lilac, orange, and other colors. You can also mix them with other cream and white shades for an even more cute and delicate look. Also, add some non-sweet foods as desired.

One of the best ideas is of course a unicorn. It is loved by girls, boys, and even adults. In addition, dolls should also be included here – the most favorite theme of girls. You can simply make a beautiful and delicious cake by decorating it with berries or edible flowers. These baby shower ideas for a girl would be a great, delicious decoration for any occasion.

Even More Ideas for Games

We offer you some simple games for the future mother’s party that would cheer up the guests and create a fun and relaxed atmosphere:

  1. Ask the guests to write down the tips and wishes that their parents gave them on the pieces of paper. Shuffle the pieces of paper, let each one pull out one at a time, and read them aloud. Memories from childhood would insist the guests on a confidential tone.
  2. The quiz assumes the participation of all guests and facilitates their interaction. Prepare a list of questions about yourself, and let the guests try to answer them as accurately as possible – check how well they know you! You can also make a list of show business stars, historical figures, or famous athletes. Hand out the list to the guests and have them try to remember the names of the children of these famous people. In the end, calculate who would have the most correct answers.
  3. List 10-20 animal names, and ask guests to write down the names of the young animals. When everyone is done, read the correct answers aloud and ask the participants to count the number of words they guessed. Present the prize to the guest with the most points.
  4. Write on a piece of paper the names of the parents-to-be – yours and partner, and set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Ask guests to compose as many names as possible using only the letters they have.
  5. Grab a cordless phone, a pile of baby socks, a large stuffed animal or doll, and some diapers. The supermom candidate should pick up the phone and clamp it between the ear and shoulder. At the same time, participants must correctly sort the socks and change the diaper for an impromptu baby. You must not put the phone down. Time each guest and see how much it would take for each guest to complete this task!

The Best Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Girl

This is the very interesting part of the article. We have selected 5 best and simple girl baby shower ideas that would make your party truly special:

Minimalist Baby Shower

Minimalist Baby Shower

Everything here is really simple and stylish. You don’t need a lot of details. There would be enough different balls, fabrics, and minimalistic table decorations, which would be in delicate colors. Here you can add sequins or cotton wool to add airiness to the whole setting.

It’s a Girl Baby Shower Ideas 

It’s a Girl Baby Shower Ideas 

This inscription speaks for itself. Make a photo zone where it would hang. All other decorations can also confirm that this is a girl. For example, use pink colors, dresses, lady-to-be accessories, and so on. This is definitely one of the cutest girl baby shower ideas, isn’t it?

Princess Baby Shower

Princess Baby Shower

We think that by the standard it would appeal to all girls and adult guests. Besides being a classic option, you can use this to create decorations for twin girl baby shower ideas. Just put more emphasis on it, including adding a second cake (so that there aren’t too many sweets, just make them a little less).


Mermaid Baby Shower

The Little Mermaid is also considered to be one of the best themes for girls’ parties. She is certainly loved by many. Decorate everything in a nautical style and add more sparkles. And if you can organize a holiday by the sea or the ocean, then this would certainly be able to immerse everyone in the marine theme of the evening.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Baby Shower

If you want something non-standard to surprise guests with a new special format, then try a more serious theme. Become a superwoman who is waiting for the same little heroine. You can also ask your guests to come in the appropriate superhero outfits to maintain the same atmosphere.
Well, we think these baby girl baby shower ideas will be enough for you to organize the perfect holiday. Surely it would like not only you, but also your dear guests. We recommend that you follow our certain rules so that everything is surely under control. You can also read the previous article to learn more about the important details of a baby shower. Happy holiday!

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