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Why Do People Pierce Babies’ Ears? Everything You Need To Know Before Pierce!

baby ear-piercing

While some parents do ear-piercing for the newborn, others decide to wait a bit until the child grows up a little. Some parents are in favor, while others are against such a procedure. That is why many modern parents find it difficult to decide whether this makes sense, or is it still worth it. Today in the article we will define baby ear-piercing age, tell you how it goes and whether it hurts, and also share some tips.

Why Do People Pierce Babies Ears?

how long do babies ears hurt after piercing

There are no signs or any other things that call for ear-piercing at an early age. In many cultures, it was accepted that this is protection from evil spirits or something similar. In the modern world, everything is much simpler, and few people already refer to just such a need in this regard. Now getting babies’ ears pierced is fashionable and beautiful, so they continue to do it almost always when the parents have a girl (but maybe someone wants to pierce the ears of athe boy too). Here you must define why what you shouldshould you pierce a baby’s ears. We think that if you want your baby to look even cuter, then you would agree to such a procedure.

Does It Hurt Babies to Get Their Ears Pierced?

baby ear-piercing age

Many parents have heard or thought that this is a painful procedure. This is what stops many parents even before the procedure itself. But does it really hurt the child? How long do baby’s ears hurt after piercing? Everything isn’t as scary as it seems. Yes, the procedure is painful, but absolutely any person, including a child, can withstand such a small and quick pain, and even with a low pain threshold. Your child may not even have time to feel something, especially if he is distracted by something interesting.

In general, the procedure lasts no more than a minute, and the piercing time itself is much shorter. Therefore, it won’t give the child excruciating sensations for a long time. And the puncture itself can be compared with an ordinary injection, only here a hole is simply made. In addition, the earlobe has no muscles, which makes the piercing less painful. So it would be pointless to conclude that because of possible pain it would be better to cancel the procedure.

At What Age Can You Get Baby’s Ears Pierced?

getting babies ears pierced

Some piercing experts advise piercing the ears up to a year, and sometimes even indicate the exact age is 8-9 months. The reason for the puncture at such an early age is explained by the increased pain threshold, and the child also instantly forgets the trauma he suffered.

Pediatricians have their own opinion on this matter. They advise piercing the ears of a child after three years of age due to the risk of infection. At three years old, the immune system is stronger, so the likelihood of catching an infection is less, and it is easier to cure it. Also, pediatricians assure that the child would be able to explain the need for the procedure. Experts also recommend piercing the ears of a child under 10-11 years old, so that after the healing of the wounds, keloid scars don’t form. The cosmetic defect upsets the parents and the girl herself.

Based on this information, it can be assumed that the best age to get babies’ ears pierced would be around the age of 2 to 3 years. Then the child would no longer be too small, and not too old, and at the same time would realize that now he has a beautiful decoration in his ears.

Baby Ear-Piercing Procedure

why do people pierce babies ears

An ear-piercing is a hole made by a specialist with some instruments. At the request of the client, not only the earlobe but also the cartilage can break through. Holes are made in the ears for wearing jewelry, which is chosen from inexpensive and precious metals of various types and shapes. Parents should be aware that the piercing procedure is stressful for the child and therefore needs to be prepared. Remember and consider the following guidelines:

  1. Ears can only be pierced to perfectly healthy children. Even if the girl has a cold or something else, postpone the procedure for a more appropriate time.
  2. Prepare your child and explain where you are going. Don’t hide anything so that the baby can tune in.
  3. If the girl is old enough (over three years old), try to interest her by introducing her to the process of choosing earrings.
  4. Prepare some gifts for courage that the child would receive after the procedure.
  5. It is necessary to establish contact between the master and the child.

If you plan to do the procedure yourself, you should be even more careful and adhere to thorough cleanliness. And if you have never done this, then it is better to trust a specialist.

Ear-piercing in the salon is carried out in three ways, with a special needle, a pistol, or a special tool, which immediately inserts the earring by making a hole. This or that method causes pain, especially when the ear is pierced for the first time in its life. But we and experts believe that the best way to pierce baby ears is a gun because here it happens faster and safer than with a needle, and you can also select different shapes of earrings, in contrast to a special device.

It is worth noting that the choice of a specialist should be taken very carefully and before the session, make sure that everything is sterilized and no diseases or bacteria would get on the child during the procedure. Also, after piercing, the main thing is to follow the rules of hygiene and follow the recommendations of specialists regarding ear-piercing care for babies.

It should be noted that the procedure has its own contraindications. These health features include:

  • Diabetes;
  • Skin, blood diseases, diseases of the auricle, cartilage;
  • Rheumatism;
  • Neurological disorders;
  • Keloid scarring of tissue;
  • Head trauma;
  • Weak immunity.

This may apply not only to children but also to adults. So it is imperative to consult a doctor before the procedure so that you are sure that the procedure would be safe.

Piercing Baby Ears Advice

ear-piercing newborn

It is necessary not only to pierce correctly but also to correctly carry out baby ear-piercing aftercare. Complete healing usually lasts from a month to three, and the parents are required to:

  1. Explain to the girl that the jewelry shouldn’t be touched, especially if her hands are dirty.
  2. Earrings shouldn’t be replaced until the wounds have healed.
  3. During healing, it is better to collect the hair in a ponytail or make a pigtail.
  4. Twice a day, you need to treat the lobes with antiseptics. Experts usually advise hydrogen peroxide or other alcohol-free antiseptics.
  5. Five days after piercing, begin to rotate the earrings around the axis.
  6. After piercing the ears, it is undesirable to wet the first 4-5 days.
  7. If you find yellowish discharge from the wounds, treat them with a light solution of potassium permanganate. In a couple of days, the pus should disappear, but if this doesn’t happen, go to the doctor because the suppuration cannot be left, but it is unlikely to go away.

We have discussed with you the most important nuances about babies and ear-piercing, and can draw a small conclusion. If you want your child to walk around with beautiful earrings, then you shouldn’t be afraid to do so. It makes no sense to pull it until adolescence because nothing much would change in sensations. And it is worth abandoning the procedure only if there are contraindications. But only you willwould decide if you cancan you pierce a baby’s ears, when there are possible other nuances in the work. We think that little beads in a child’s ears look incredibly cute, don’t they?

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