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How to Choose the Best Kids Plates? Read the Article, You Will Like It!

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kid plates and bowls

The most important thing for the good development and well-being of the child every day is the right, healthy and tasty food. Getting the right food, the child’s mood improves, and the body gets everything it needs for high-quality “construction”. But besides the fact that the food should be of good quality, the same should be kid plates and other items that come into contact with the child and his food.

We agree that the choice on the market is simply limitless, including from different materials, shapes, and other criteria. How then to choose good toddler plates and utensils? This is what we will tell you about now!

What Can Be Dangerous about Plastic Dishes for Kids?

Plastic tableware contains many toxic substances that lead to earlier puberty, decreased sperm count, increased aggression or persistent hyperactivity, and much more. And that’s just how it can affect an adult. Imagine now how this will affect the growing organism? That’s right, the consequences can only be worse.

Accordingly, we don’t recommend that you use plastic plates for children. Yes, some manufacturers may write on their products that it is safe plastic. But you are unlikely to be able to check at home how “safe” it is for your child. Therefore, you should choose a different material.

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Kids Plates?

And so, let’s determine with you which kid plates and bowls are exactly right. When choosing, it is worth considering factors such as durability, a good cleaning is possible without chemicals, no toxins. In addition, you can pay attention to texture, reliability, or degradability. Accordingly, steel, glass, silicone, or vegetable-based products are suitable for all criteria. Now we will consider each in detail.

Stainless Steel Kids Dishes

Steel is a versatile material that is also great for children’s tableware. He will certainly be able to serve for a long time without changing his original appearance, even with numerous falls. Plus, you’ll have to spend less on a replacement as it will be extremely rare and can last for years! When choosing such dishes, you should pay attention to the presence of:

  • in the description of the numbers 304 or 18/8 (this means that there will be no rust on stainless steel kid dishes);
  • mirror or matt polish (no metal taste in food and drink).

Kids Glass Plates

kids glass plates

Glass, like steel, is a fairly durable material that is also odorless and tasteless. In addition, such nontoxic baby dishes won’t change the taste of food and won’t be harmful to the child’s body. But if you accidentally hit it on something, or drop it, the dishes will break immediately. You need to pay attention to this. Although, now you can find such cups and plates, the edges of which are protected by silicone. Therefore, if you are sure that your child won’t do anything with the dishes, then choose this option.

Silicone Kid-Friendly Dinnerware

People very often confuse silicone with plastic. But these are two different materials that differ significantly from each other. Plastic is obtained from oil, natural gases, and coal. The composition isn’t very good. At the same time, silicone is made from silicon and oxygen. Silicon can also be called quartz, or ordinary sand. Accordingly, the sand is significantly safe for adults and children too.

It is also worth noting that silicone can withstand almost any temperature extreme, which makes it impossible for material particles to enter. Even if you bake something right away in such nonplastic kids’ dishes, it won’t affect the safety and taste of the food in any way. In addition, it will have nothing if it falls, and in no way will it be able to injure the child. If your child chews on dishes made of this material, they won’t be afraid of this. Besides, BPA-free kids’ plates come in different colors, shapes, and different interesting details. Therefore, the child will certainly be interested in using such dishes.

Safe Plates for Toddlers Made from Bamboo, Straw, and Cornstarch

At the expense of dishes made of these materials, you certainly shouldn’t worry, because there are no toxic substances in the composition of such dishes. It is also worth noting that non-plastic baby dishes are very durable and subject to natural decomposition, which also does not harm the environment.

Although after a while they will no longer be as beautiful as they were original, their strength and safety will remain. You also don’t need to worry about your child getting hurt, because this won’t happen. And if the baby chews, then nothing terrible will happen, because the composition is purely organic. Of course, such toddler plates not plastic, are more expensive than the same products made from other materials, and they are also more difficult to find. But it will still be the best option if you care not only about the health of the child but also about the environment.

Best Plates for Kids Made of Safe Materials

non plastic kids dishes

And so, now let’s move on to another equally interesting part of our article. We looked at a lot of sites and manufacturers that produce dishes for children. We chose plates, bowls, and more by the main selection criteria, and also paid attention to the composition. As a result, we got a few examples of the best dinnerware for kids that you will definitely like:

ECO MATTERS Microwave Safe Bamboo Toddler Plates

This set of 4 plates will appeal not only to you but also to your baby with its bright colors. You can safely put these plates of food directly into the microwave without fear that the material will change the taste of the food or melt. It is because of this ability that manufacturers take pride in their baby dishes, not plastic.

In addition, the composition doesn’t contain toxic substances, bisphenol A, melamine, and other harmful substances. They contain only bamboo and starch, which won’t harm the baby’s body in any way. They can be easily stored and dusty from waste because the material doesn’t absorb third-party food odors. It is interesting to know that part of the money that the manufacturer receives from each purchase of this kit goes towards environmental purposes. Plates are perfect for older children, as well as fidgets who can do “tricks” with dishes.

Avanchy Feeding Bamboo Silicone Baby Training Spoons with Plate and Bowl

The set contains everything you need to feed your baby, who is just starting to eat from a spoon with the help of his mother and on his own. Inside there are 2 spoons, a plate, and a bowl of the optimal size. The spoons are made so conveniently that it will be very easy and interesting for the baby to learn how to eat on his own.

Thanks to the silicone parts on the nonplastic kid’s plates, they won’t be able to simply slip off the table during accidental movements of the baby. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid that they will fall, break and harm your child. The plate in itself has three sections, in which you can divide several types of food for the baby for convenience. All products contain high-quality and durable bamboo, which, if properly used and maintained, will serve you for a very long time. It should be noted that they cannot be placed in the dishwasher or microwave. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect option for a child who already wants to eat without your help, feel free to take this option.

Innobaby Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter with Sectional Lid

Here we are one hundred percent sure that the child will like to eat from the best kids’ plates because it is made in the unusual shape of a bus. The stainless steel dish also has a handy silicone lid that makes this box easy to carry. There are no toxic and harmful components in the composition that can harm a child, so there is no need to worry about the safety of the product.

There are convenient deep food sections where you can put different dishes, vegetables, and fruits without stirring. You can safely send your dishes to the dishwasher. But if you want to maintain durability as long as possible, then the lid will need to be washed by hand. This isn’t at all difficult, given that you won’t have to wipe off odors, since the material doesn’t absorb them. If you are looking for a great option for a child at home, in kindergarten, school, for a picnic, for a walk, and other places outside the home, then such an unusual dish is definitely the best option.

We are sure that now you know a lot more about cookware, which will definitely come in handy right now or shortly. Your child will surely enjoy eating from such beautiful and safe dishes that they will look forward to their next meal. And you will be glad that your child is eating the right food from the right dining utensils. Good luck!

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