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Changing Table for Baby: What to Look for Buying a Table and Examples of This

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Changing Table for Baby

Agree that in the modern world there are a number of things, without which you won’t be able to care for your newborn baby. These things include baby cribs with changing tables. This is definitely a useful thing, on which you can quickly and easily change your baby’s clothes, change his diaper, fold all his things, and sometimes even bathe him (yes, it is available in some models). But how exactly should you choose the best baby changing table, and what are the great offers in stores? Let us find out today.

How to Choose a Baby Changing Table?

First, let’s take a look at the criteria for choosing an ideal baby changing table dresser that will serve you well for a long time:


The sides, regardless of whether it is a mattress, a chest of drawers, a board, or a table, should be on both sides of a baby dresser with a changing table. If there is space and opportunity, move the diaper so that the wall touches on the third side. If the child is hyperactive, some models of diapers are equipped with seat belts.


Regardless of the model of your potential diaper, it should be level. If it is a mattress, it shouldn’t ride on a fixed surface, regardless of whether it is a table or a low cabinet. If it’s a baby crib with a changing table, its wheels should be with blockers. If there are no wheels, check with the seller or manager how much the table slides on the floor, and whether the corresponding attachments are included in the kit. Of course, if not included, but you want to purchase this particular model, buy it additionally.

Watch Out for the Clamps

How to Choose a Baby Changing Table?

If the baby changing table storage has a flap, try to keep track of how it feels to be in the open position. Be sure to pay attention to whether it slides down slowly and smoothly. This is especially true for those models that take a built-in bath. If the hinged board swings up and isn’t secured too well, it can hit the crumbs during the washing process. So experiment with the folding parts beforehand and without the child.


Of course, this procedure is best done in a store. If you order online, ask how long your furniture has a warranty. It is highly desirable that any part of the diaper, including lockable drawers and compartments, do this as quietly as possible. Otherwise, there is a fairly large chance that the baby dozing on the baby crib and changing table would either be frightened by loud noises or wake up.


Always match your parents’ height to your table. If possible, let the table be adjustable. The more surface the changing table for the baby has, the better. Children grow up very quickly, and on a small table, the baby may simply cease to fit.

A Place

Calculate in advance exactly where you would place the diaper. First, it needs to fit there. If you have a small apartment, and now, finally, you have found a free corner – first measure it. Compare with the table changing for baby parameters – how well it fits there, and is there any additional free space. Again, if the bathtub is built-in, consider where you would bathe your baby. If in a room, you would have to run around with buckets more than once or twice. Moreover, both in order to pour water and in order to drain.

Examples of Baby Diaper Changing Table

IKEA Gulliver Changing Table

IKEA Gulliver Changing Table

Do you know why we chose this particular table at the very beginning? Everything is simple – the design is quite light, there is enough space for the child (even if it is larger), there are shelves on which you can put the things you need. That being said, the design of this Ikea baby changing table is stable enough if you can assemble it correctly. But it would be easy to do, because the kit contains detailed instructions. So if you are looking for a simple and roomy option, then you should look at it in the store.

Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Extra Wide Nursery Dresser & Topper Set

Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Extra Wide Nursery Dresser & Topper Set

If you are in need of a suitable baby changing table with a drawer in which to place all of your baby’s belongings. At the top, next to the baby seat itself, there is a place where you can also store additional items, such as powder, formula bottles, diapers, or something else. In addition, given a large amount of space in this changing table baby, it can last you a long time, especially if you use the table from the very birth of the baby to several years. But it is worth considering that before buying, you need to measure the size of the product to make sure it fits in your room.

Walmart South Shore Angel Changing Table with Drawers

Walmart South Shore Angel Changing Table with Drawers

This is almost the perfect table for every parent. There is plenty of room for a toddler (and even an older one) and roomy bedside tables, and you can choose between a brown, gray, black or white baby changing table. It is worth considering that the weight is quite large, but due to this, it would be stable. Walmart baby changing table is suitable even for those who have little space for this item, due to its parameters. With this, you would have enough space inside to fold all of your baby’s belongings.

Oxford Baby Skyler Changing Station Dove

Oxford Baby Skyler Changing Station Dove

If the small baby changing table dimensions are important to you so that it can fit into even the smallest room, then you should consider this option. The construction itself is very simple, and it is easy to fold it even on your own. In addition, due to its low weight, it can be rearranged even when folded. There are shelves where you can store your baby’s essentials. The changing area itself is equipped with a special fence that would prevent the child from falling out. In addition, you can purchase the changing table baby R Us with a crib so that everything looks stylish and there is even more free space.
And so, we think you now know which baby dresser changing table you need, using our selection criteria. And making a choice between models is already more difficult, we understand that. Just again, decide on your budget, needs and the amount of free space. In turn, we will recommend you a baby changing table dresser combo from Walmart, because it is quite copacetic, but at the same time, it has many advantages. What choice will you make?

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