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What Is the Average Weight for a 3-Year-Old? Read More about This is the Article!

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average wt of 3-year-old

Each child should be as healthy as possible so that he can develop stably and well, and his body and body are strong and with good performance. Therefore, every mother needs to be sure to monitor the development of the child, his nutrition, speech, hearing, mobility, as well as weight. It is precisely the last criterion that is very important for children of three years of age.

But how do I know if my baby is of normal weight or not? Today in the article we will tell you about the average weight of a 3-year-old male and female, we will tell you what it depends on, and how deviations from the average can be dangerous.

What Determines the Weight of the Child?

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the development and life of a young child. However, genetics is still the main factor. Parents should pay attention to what their relatives, grandparents were like.

If your child weighs more than the average weight for a 3-year-old, then this is one of the factors for the abnormal development of your baby. At the same time, obese children are less mobile than others. If a child’s overweight is due only to overeating, most likely, you need to tackle his weight closely, for example, write to the sports section or choose some kind of optimal diet. In this case, you still need to contact a specialist, pass the necessary tests and be sure that everything is fine with your child. If there are deviations in development, perhaps a specialist will help with the choice of proper nutrition and physical activity.

However, the reason for the appearance of excess weight in a child can be not only malnutrition but also violations of other functions and systems of the body, for example, endocrine. If the illness is the cause of a deviation from the average weight of a 3-year-old, you need to explain this to your baby and choose an activity that your child will like and where he can express himself. Then, in the team, he will become everyone’s favorite.

If your child’s weight is less than the weight of an average 3-year-old, who is influenced by negative life situations, this may also be because of your concern. That being said, you need to show patience and love for your baby.

What Is the Average Weight for a 3-Year-Old?

average weight 3-year-old

What is the standard average weight of a 3-year-old? According to WHO, weight can fluctuate within a fairly large range. Therefore, the entire table is conventionally divided into 6 categories. Of course, the 3-year-old average weight for boys and girls is somewhat different, so it makes sense to consider the weight, depending on their gender. So:

  • low weight – 24.8lbs boys and 23.8lbs girls;
  • below average – 27.9 pounds boys and 26.8 pounds girls;
  • average – 31.5 lb boys and 30.6 lb girls;
  • above average – 35.7 pounds boys and 34.8 girls;
  • tall – 40.3 pounds boys and 39.9 pounds girls;
  • too tall – 45.6 pounds boys and 46 girls.

As you can see, the range in weight from below average to above average is quite significant. And this is understandable. After all, the development of a baby, including weight gain, is a purely individual thing and depends on many factors. Therefore, you need to take into account these factors that affect the average weight of a 3 years old child.

What Can Affect Weight?

The main factor on which the weight of any person depends is the diet. Correct feeding is very important for normal formation, development, and normal average 3-year-old weight. And it’s, first not about how much the baby eats, but about what he eats.

The diet of a child should consist exclusively of high-quality products containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is the lack of any substances that often cause underweight or overweight. Therefore, for the weight to fit into the average weight of a 3-year-old, he must receive enough nutrients.

Nutrition is, of course, the main factor influencing the average weight for a 3-year-old, but not the only one. There are others, for example, heredity, environmental factors (primarily climatic), poor sleep, great physical/psychological stress, the individual characteristics of the baby’s body.
We are confident that knowing the average wt of a 3-year-old and other related aspects will help you raise a healthy and happy child. Good luck!

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