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Alpha mom: research company for moms and moms-to-be

alpha mom

The birth of a child is a new life not only for a new arrival but also for a young family. From the first day, absolutely everything will be different. Now women and girls have every opportunity to be more prepared for the role of mother. Various books, courses for young mothers, webinars, websites, and educational videos. So “being out of the loop” is almost a crime.

But still, very often you can hear women blaming themselves for being bad moms. This happens when a mother quarrels with her child, can’t overcome emotions and she does everything that is prohibited by various experienced psychologists and experts.

We forget sometimes that we cannot envisage all the situations that may arise in the family. None of the women are born with the region of the brain which is called “motherhood” and this is normal.

One of such women decided to create a website for all mothers or those women who are just on their way to childbirth. And this woman (mother of a 13-year-old son) name is Isabel Kallman.

One day, she decided that the maternal instinct can’t belong to every woman. Someone copes with their role successfully from the first and others need to make a few mistakes, get advice, or just hear the words of support.

In Alpha Mom women are tolerant of all styles of parenting, sharing their experiences and methods of raising children.

This is a site for those who understand there are no ideal scenarios, but there is only your special way to survive, somewhere to endure and take things a little less seriously, with humor.

The section of the site “postpartum” is very attractive. Not often one can find a whole section devoted to the woman’s condition after childbirth (physical, moral, emotional). Also, you will find it interesting to read about everything concerning pregnancy, parenting, family time, advice, and answers to popular questions, how to organize children’s parties for every taste.

The calendar of changes during pregnancy deserves particular attention. Just go to the site and take a look. You might become pregnant even if you have not planned it soon. In a word, a lot of cool mom’s information!

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