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All about kid’s bike sizes and how to choose a bike for a kid?

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Skinned knees, climbing trees, summer vacations, walking with friends – what do you think is missing from this list? We think that our opinions are the same. Of course, this is the first children’s bicycle!

When a child sees its companion or another unknown boy (girl) riding by on this miracle transport, be sure, your kid already dreams about how it will ride on its own. It seems to be an ordinary bicycle: two wheels, pedals, and a frame but how much joy and delight a child gets from riding it.

Perhaps, you can say that now there are many new monowheels, Segways, electric scooters, etc. Why would you buy these outdated bikes, which are often broken, and very often a child feels discomfort while riding?

We believe that a standard two-wheeled bike is a classic of its genre. It is a separate kind of activity and the youngest child should feel how to twist his legs in a circle and at the expense of this to overcome huge distances.

We are sure that many would agree that few people think about such a purchase in our time. Technological innovations are the priority and on everybody’s lips. Most modern parents spend not small amounts of money to buy the latest models of cool electrical analogs. But we assure you it is not worth it. None of the above-mentioned transport devices have such a positive impact as a standard bicycle. We lead to the fact that this is all about physical development, sport, and movement in the life of a growing body.

Riding a bike is not only about endurance and the muscular development of the whole body. Scientists from all over the world have proven that such activity not only trains muscle memory but also helps to learn new information and focus on the right information. Also, cycling trips are outdoor activities, adventures, and unforgettable emotions. As for me, there are enough reasons to buy a bicycle for your child’s birthday. If you want an expensive gift for your beloved son or daughter, you better invest in the best kid’s road bike or kid bikes with training wheels (if you have a, you better invest in the best kid’s road bike or kid bikes with training wheels (if you have a very small child).

And if you share our opinion, you should seriously consider choosing the best kid’s bikes. And so we have prepared for your answers to the most common questions of parents, such as “how to choose a bike for a kid?” and “what size bike does my child need?” We have collected useful information for you about the best kid’s bikes and we are ready to share it with you – let’s go!

Where to start? Kids bike sizes for the smallest ones

best kid bikes

If you decide to buy a bike for your baby who is 1-year-old or slightly older (18 months, for example), we recommend you start with running or tricycles.

Balance bikes are the best kids’ bicycles. They are two-wheeled bikes without pedals. They appeared on sale not so long ago but are already in demand among parents. The absence of pedals helps a child to concentrate on the road (running a bicycle) and the child almost does not take its legs off the ground. This nuance allows the child to break whenever it wants and not be afraid to fall.

Three-wheeled bikes are the most reliable model for a child from 1 year. It has a stable construction – one wheel at the front and two at the back. This model of the bike helps your child to master the basics of transport management and pedal turning at the same time. Such bikes can have a basket for toys, a place for the feet of another child at the back, and a mounting for parents (this convenient device helps when your child is tired and needs your support).

Four-wheel bikes are designed for older cyclists. They are most reminiscent of an adult bike and have two safety wheels at the back, which help your child not to fall on his side while riding and feel confident even if the child doesn’t pedal. This model is easy to use and suitable for a child who already knows how to keep its balance and is not afraid to try riding a two-wheeled bike. You just take off the extra wheels and voila – you have a new type of transport as an adult!

Children’s bike sizes – what should you pay attention to when buying a bicycle?

how to choose a bike for a kid

Bike wheel size guide

Choose a bike for your child by height:

  • If your child is between 85 cm and 105 cm tall, you should buy a bike with wheels 12 inches in diameter.
  • The height of the child from 95 to 115 cm – you will need wheels with a diameter of 16 inches.
  • Wheels 18 inches are best bought for children height from 100 cm to 120 cm.
  • A child who is between 110 cm and 130 cm tall – the diameter of the wheels should be at least 20 inches.
  • If the height of a child is between 130 cm and 150 cm, you should buy a bike with a wheel diameter of at least 24 inches.

What to consider when choosing the best bike for kids?

  • The best children’s bikes should be light. This is very important for small children. You should understand that the weight of the bike should not exceed 20% of your child’s weight (30% is allowed for a balanced bike).
  • The best kid bike brands make a bike frame made of aluminum. This material is lighter and stronger than steel. In addition, the steel may be vulnerable to corrosion over time.
  • In addition to the fact that you need to take into account the height and age of the child, we recommend that you pay attention to the pedals. They should not be slippery – otherwise, the ride can turn into a torment for a little cyclist.
  • The best kids bicycle should have a handbrake (this doesn’t apply to balance bikes). Sometimes manufacturers miss this important part and make the brake-gear very tight. And as a result, the braking process can be difficult even for an adult. Before buying, you can put your child on your bike and try to apply the brake with your pinky. If the system works then your child will be able to cope with this task on their own and the ride will be comfortable and safe.
  • Before you buy a child’s bike, you must understand whether it fits your child’s height or not. You should ask your child to reach the ground with one foot while sitting. If it reaches the ground with one foot, you can buy this model of bike. Ideally, your child should lift his legs to the level of the frame and become feet on the ground.

And remember that the bike is the best gift and investment in your child’s health!

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