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Actual problem: Baby will only sleep in my arms

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newborn won't let me put him down

Sleep is the most important and problematic phenomenon for a newborn baby and his mother.

On the one hand, the mother cannot sleep well because of frequent waking at night, breastfeeding, worrying, and imbalanced hormones. And the other problem that many moms can’t keep quiet about is their baby won’t sleep without being held! And there’s nothing strange about that.

The process of having a baby is a huge stressor. It’s no secret that the baby enters an aggressive and unknown environment after being born from his mother’s tummy. Now he and his mother are not physically united, and the child needs to be able to adapt to the new circumstances of life.

There are parents who don’t mind such an occupation and say that “my baby will only sleep on me”. But even the staunchest soldiers give up over time. After all, it is like hard labor – you are afraid to move, so as not to wake the little angel, and you lie there until your whole body goes numb.

Our topic today is a problem called “my baby only wants to sleep in my arms”. We will tell you why this happens and how to get the baby to nap in a crib instead of arms?

“Baby will only sleep in my arms!” – Such a sacrifice is not justified

baby will only sleep in my arms

Here comes our long-awaited miracle! We want so badly to close him off from the world and protect him every second from all the bad things in this big and unpredictable world.

And the baby himself is not against it and even demands that his mother be only 100% of the time near him.

The fact is that the feeling of a relative’s (mother’s) presence and touch are important components of a calm and correct development in the first days of a newborn’s life. Tactile contact, voice, smell, and breath of the mother remind the baby of the womb environment, where everything was safe and carefree.

This need for constant contact is justified, even when the baby is asleep and does not always understand what is going on around him. No matter how you turn it, such contact strengthens the psychological bond between mother and baby.

I’m afraid that the baby will only sleep on my chest, how to properly put a baby to sleep?

We don’t support the fashionable American trend that the baby should get used to independence from the first days of life and sleep separately from the mother.

But it shouldn’t be so that the mother says – my newborn won’t let me put him down.

First of all, it’s a problem for parents who are trying to put a baby who can’t sleep in a separate crib. Your main activity is rocking the baby, and let the world wait.

But as many pediatricians say, if your baby can not fall asleep in bed without your arms (he just cries), then you need to pay attention to the irritating factors:

  • Overstimulation of the nervous system (active games, fun before bedtime);
  • A feeling of hunger, happens when lactation is broken or mother’s milk is not enough;
  • Lack of daytime walks;
  • Foreign smells, tight clothing, unsuitable temperature and humidity in the room;
  • Quarrels and tension in the family (young children are sensitive to the emotional background of their parents);
  • Peculiarities of the nervous system (heightened activity – hyperactivity).

All of this should be taken into account before you take your baby in your arms again after the next moods and tears.

A few tips for those who have this problem

baby will only sleep on my chest
  • You can buy a sling for the first time and this solution will free your hands and the baby will feel your presence;
  • Eliminate all irritating and external factors: bright lights, the noise of TV and other equipment, uncomfortable clothes, cold and excessive heat in the room;
  • Use “manual mode” more often during the day so that your hands are not associated with sleep for the child;
  • Talk, sing lullabies, and pet your baby for muscle relaxation and tactile pleasure;
  • Think about how you can organize a ritual for your baby to fall asleep: a warm bath with lavender/chamomile, choose a toy or put your thing next to the baby, read a book for your angel.
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