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The project aimed to create a space for parents who want to give their children the best and want to help them become self-sufficient happy personalities who know what they want or do not want. Kids are our future.

What do we, adults, know about them? Why do parents sometimes wonder what and why a child does? What is the problem of misunderstanding between generations? Adults should treat a child as an individual personality.

The task of parents is to help the child discover why he/she is here. Parenting is about teaching the kid to understand himself/herself, to find contact with the outside world, to do something new, to make mistakes, and to try again. To do this you need to learn to accept the child for who he or she is.

This is the place, where you can also find some tips and advice about the physical and mental health of kids and their parents. We always adhere to the principles of mutual respect and positive thinking and therefore we publish information that could be interesting and useful for a variety of parents and children.

We value your time and try to convey information in such a way that it does not take you too much time to read the article – there are only verified facts that will be useful to you.