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9 important trends in modern children’s literature

kid's literature

Is literature a subject to trends? Are modern children ready to decide for themselves what is good and what is bad?

Absolutely! Literature, and children’s literature, in particular, is very variable. The authors and editors adjust to thousands of life factors. After all, their goal is to publish a good and readable book, which will be pleasant to hold in your hands and which carries at least a part of modern reality.

9 main new trends in children’s literature

Active fatherhood

People have finally realized that the role of the father in a child’s life is not secondary. Dads are involved in raising children more and more in a progressive world and the family becomes more equal.

Women’s leadership

The girls in the books now legally rule the world. They tirelessly absorb knowledge, learn something new, investigate crimes, care for the environment, fight against evil and appreciate their independence.

Environmental problem

Now there are cognitive fairy tales for the youngest, ecological fantasy books for the older guys, biographical novels, and even whole instructions on how to prevent a global disaster.

Sex education

Despite the fact that not everyone understands the importance of such knowledge, we are slowly but surely moving in the right direction. We have begun to look at love, its forms, and manifestations more openly. In general, now we just have to overcome residual fear.

Emotional intellect

We learn to set big and small goals, to achieve what we want without harming ourselves and our health, we learn not to hide our fears, anger, and joy.

Progressive nonfiction

Among the most popular topics of children’s nonfiction were: bionics, genetics, cytology, evolution, medicine, programming, robotics, bio-modeling, and so on. It seems that the long-awaited bright future is about to come!

Picture Books

Today, people prefer to watch and fantasize, forgetting more and more about cramming. You can find books full of pictures for babies, graphic stories for older kids, and even illustrated books without words.

Horizontal connections between generations

We have finally come to the fact that it is enough to respect a kid as a person and to provide direction to the child occasionally and gently. Books now stop cultivating unquestioning obedience.

Comic books and graphic novels

Of course, comics and graphic novels did not appear today, but now this kind of art has reached a new level. There are bright historical novels, painted sequels to famous novels, informative and educational comics, and humorous stories.

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