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8 educating rules of Maria Montessori

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8 rules of happy child

Maria Montessori, an outstanding Italian scientist, anthropologist, philosopher, psychiatrist and psychologist, humanist educator, has gained world fame for her unique and efficient system of education and training of young children.

The phenomenon of Montessori pedagogy lies in her boundless faith in the nature of a child, in her desire to exclude any authoritarian pressure on a developing person.

Montessori is the first woman in Italy to graduate from medical school. She worked with sick children that no one did at the time. Montessori has been nominated for the Nobel Prize several times and her approach to education is still popular in many countries.

We will talk about the rules of upbringing that Maria followed in order to grow up self-sufficient and happy individuals.

  1. The child deserves respect, so polite requests are better than a commanding tone.
  2. Do not look at the child from top to bottom – try to ensure that your eyes are on the same level.
  3. Make all the objects that surround the baby suitable for his/her height, weight, and strength – a chair, a table, hooks for clothes – it will give a kid an opportunity to dispose of them by himself/herself. He/she will be happy in this environment.
  4. Do not do for the child what he/she can do himself/herself.
  5. If a child is punished for any misconduct, he/she will feel guilty for everything and everyone.
  6. If you support your child and do not forbid him/her to express feelings, they will grow up confident.
  7. Do not forbid a kid to help you with household tasks.
  8. It is better to buy toys made not of plastic, but of natural materials – cubes, furniture models, dishes.
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