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7 reasons to stop reading popular fairy tales to children

popular fairy-tales

We took a new look at children’s literature and realized that sometimes children should not read classic children’s fairy tales until they are able to question every sentence. Some parents share this position – many fairy tales form negative patterns in children’s minds. We will tell you how we came to this conclusion.

What wrong attitudes fairy tales may form?

stop reading popular fairy-tales
  1. The myth about your soulmate, who will be with you forever

It seems that no one seriously believes in fairy tales in the modern world, but surveys show that many people are sure that somewhere there is a person who waits for them. When you wait for a perfect candidate, you can really miss a person, whom you will love, but not at first sight.

  1. The myth that love can be deserved by doing something heroic

It is simple: there are very few fairy tales where the heroes meet each other and simply fall in love – and no one kills a dragon or saves the city to deserve it. You can meet a proper person just in a cafe or at work in most cases.

  1. The myth is that love can be forced

No one is surprised that a hero in a fairy tale tries to force a girl to fall in love with him. What if she just does not want to get married? No respect for the poor girl’s feelings.

  1. The myth of gender destiny

Men always fight evil in classic fairy tales, and girls’ main job is to clean the house or to sit in the castle waiting for the prince.

  1. The myth is that you have to be sweet and gentle to find your happiness

Cinderella and Snow White didn’t even think to rebel against their abuse. They cried and hoped someone would save them, but could not even think about claiming their rights.

  1. The myth is that you can’t do what you want

Rarely you can find a fairy tale where the heroine does what she wants, not what everyone else requires.

  1. The myth that the good fairy will come and do everything instead of you

We all know that children will grow up and will have to take care of themselves. Therefore, we encourage them to think that a good stranger will suddenly appear and change their lives.

Remember that children are very sensitive and take everything very literally at an early age, so the choice of children’s literature should be regarded responsibly.

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