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5 tips to overcome the language barrier

how to help the kid to study language

Foreign languages are more relevant now than ever, but there is one problem that «negates» the efforts of many students – the language barrier. This obstacle is rather psychological, and here the level of language knowledge has a very indirect meaning. We will tell you how to overcome the problem.

Watch the series and listen to music

In the original language, of course. It is better to start with the ones you already have watched in your native language and love very much. When you start to understand your favorite actor’s speech, it will no longer be difficult to communicate with others.

Communicate on forums and social networks

Find communities that discuss what is interesting to you. In the beginning, you can just read. The Internet language can be a bit specific and different from the real one, but you will get used to these features quickly. After a while, you may start writing posts and comments. The advantage of this method is that you will have the opportunity to use a dictionary and to formulate the answers as long as you need.

Play online games

They can be not only time eaters but also a very useful tool. Many of them develop logic, reaction, and other useful skills. Choose team network games with real opponents and partners. You will definitely not be ashamed of the wrong pronunciation or poorly developed sentences during playing the game. Perhaps you will catch up with obscene vocabulary and game jargon, but definitely, you won’t get shy while speaking.

Go to conversation clubs

You can find such clubs in any city. Even if you live in a very small town, you can find groups that communicate on Skype or other messengers. This is a great way to communicate in a safe space with real live people.

Look for friends abroad

Talking to someone who is originally friendly is much calmer than talking with a stranger. In addition, you will be able to learn more about different everyday moments and tips that will be useful for you as a future tourist or emigrant.

Even 10-15 minutes of regular practice per day will do you some good.

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