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5 tips on how to help a child to study online

online education for kids

Children have to stay home and study remotely during quarantine. It can be difficult for parents to cope with their kids. We suggest the following measures to make it easier for both you and your child.

  1. Make a daily schedule for your child. Print it out and hang it up so that it is always visible. Try to teach your child to set a schedule correctly and stick to it. It should include time for rest and breaks for exercises – after doing them the child concentrates better on learning and is less distracted.
  2. Focus on doing certain tasks rather than spending a certain amount of time studying – this way your child will be more motivated: if he/she does all the tasks faster, he/she can play or do something else.
  3. Make sure your kid sleeps enough time. Pay attention not only to the duration of sleep, but also to the time when the child goes to bed and wakes up. If you teach your child to wake up at the same time – the right sleep cycle will be developed and his/her productivity will increase.
  4. Make sure that your child has a permanent place to study. This will form a useful habit for your kid. This is one of the key principles of learning theory.
  5. Positive reinforcement helps to motivate the child well. If your child does all the tasks by himself/herself, you can buy a toy as a reward, allocate more time for games, or give some other benefits.

Being a teacher during quarantine is not an easy task. Follow these guidelines – and you will be able to cope with it in the best possible way.

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