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5 problems of schoolchildren after distance learning

distance learning

We have already written about why it is important to get girls and boys back to their desks so that children’s laughter can once again be heard within the walls of educational institutions.

Today, schools around the world are slowly resuming the usual learning process and teachers are already talking about the first difficulties encountered by almost everyone.

Not a day without difficulties

children and school

And so now we will list the most basic and common difficulties encountered by children after distance learning:

Children’s performance has dropped

And nothing is surprising. The children’s daily routine changed: they would go to bed and get up when they wanted, they could sit/lie in the classroom with the camera off, drink tea or play with the dog.

Now they have to get up early again and concentrate on the learning material for almost a whole hour! Only those with a high level of self-discipline survive.

Teachers at some schools even claim that students pass out during lessons!

Fear of getting a bad mark

Now there is no chance of cheating or peeking in your textbook. But in distance education, you could even involve your relatives in solving the problem or ask Google everything you need.

Now children have no confidence in their own abilities and are afraid to fail.

Children may have communication difficulties

problems of schoolchildren

What else could it be? Many teachers say that a completely different class is back to them. The children are not used to active communication in their micro-groups, and the more shy kids find it hard to talk about anything at all.

So the first weeks of school will not be easy in terms of social contact and communication.

Passivity and lack of interest

It is a fact that children have a hard time with new habits or their attention is not so easy to hold on to something. Hereafter distance learning you can observe how your child has lost interest in school Olympiads, after-school activities, and other creative activities.

It is difficult for children to work together

This is almost the most predictable problem that can occur after long periods of online learning.

Kids are used to working in the presence of other kids or adjusting to someone else’s rhythm. This is distracting and irritating to some students for obvious reasons.

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