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3 myths about childbirth

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myths about childbirth

Everyone is familiar with the reasoning about the «biological clock» that brings women closer to the overwhelming desire to have children, and later – to the inability to get a healthy kid; but scientific evidence raises doubts: is it really so? We analyzed 3 of the most popular myths about childbearing.

Myth 1. «This is the women nature»

Some people think women have a «maternal instinct». This myth is that women (unlike men) have an innate mechanism responsible for loving young children and at the same time «natural» knowledge of how to treat them: care for, feed, etc.

However, a person has no instincts. Animals have instincts – congenital and invariable programs of complex behavior. However, instinctive behavior has turned out to be evolutionarily less profitable than behavior caused by learning, so the more complex the organism is – the weaker its instincts are.

Myth 2. «Hormones affect the decision to have children»

The desire to have a baby arises because of the female hormones.

For a long time, it was believed that differences in female and male behavior appeared due to different levels of sex hormone production. Female hormones from this point of view are responsible for the development of empathy and, of course, for the innate desire to take care of family members, especially children.

Recent studies have shown that the ratio of hormones determines only how a person will feel, but how he or she will act depends on the norms and rules learned by the individual, which are characteristic for his or her family and society itself.

Myth 3. «You have to give birth early, soon it will be too late»

The age at which a woman can give birth to a healthy child is very limited.

Research in recent years shows that though the probability of women’s infertility increases with age, this increase is not critical, and often the causes of infertility are connected with treatable factors.

The most important thing is to be guided not by myths but by your own feelings, desire, and opinions of specialists.

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