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5 important books about art for children

books about art for children

«Everything You Know About Art Is Wrong», Matt Brown

The fact that Matt Brown isn’t an art critic is immediately apparent. He sees art everywhere and talks about it freely. You can even call this book a collection of fascinating stories about people of art and their creations. Matt’s main goal is to talk about the misconceptions about art. For example, that art can only be found in a museum or that all artists are unrecognized geniuses and live in poverty. He debunks popular myths that have developed about painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, animation, street art, and so on.

«Looking at Pictures: Art Essentials Series», Susan Woodford

This book examines art from different angles: it tells about the most popular subjects in the painting, the different ways they are depicted, the technical problems artists face, and how they overcome them. The author describes the meanings and hidden senses of the works. She writes about the ways of perception of painting – it can be admiring beauty, searching for information about the culture of that era, or illustrating a complex text.

«…Isms: How to Understand Contemporary Art», Sam Phillips

Do you understand contemporary art? A rare person can answer this question in the affirmative. That’s why Sam Phillips wrote this handbook. Each chapter begins with a summary of the essence of a certain direction of contemporary art and the names of five key artists. This list is easy to continue, but studying these five works will allow you to understand the main point. After that Phillips tells about the key concepts – words that are most often used to explain the work. The main text explains in more detail the ideas and methods of artists – here is a brief history of its origin and the main distinctive features.

«I Know an Artist: The Inspiring Connections between the World’s Greatest Artists», Susie Hodge

The main idea of the book is to tell the reader that the works of artists are closely related to everything that happens around them. Often their creations are inspired by other artists. The book is positioned as a children’s book. Moreover, the illustrations in a simplified style here hint the book will be easy to read. Don’t give in. Get ready for exciting but serious work – even a person who understands art is likely to see more than one unknown name.

«What’s So Great about the Eiffel Tower? 70 Questions that Will Change the Way You Think about Architecture», Jonathan Glancey

Architecture is an art that is an integral part of society. It is perceived by the person at the subconscious level as symbolic images, signs, images, or sensations that may vary according to fashion or philosophy.

In his book «What’s So Great about the Eiffel Tower?» Jonathan Glancey – writer, TV presenter, and architecture critic – ask seventy provocative questions that will make you look at architecture in a new way. This book will be interesting for people connected with architecture and those who are just beginning to get acquainted with this art.

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