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5 films and TV series about sex education that are worth watching

sex education for kids

Movies are a great opportunity to discuss important topics with growing-up children. For example, their relation to their own bodies, love, and sex. We have collected films and series in which heroes try to deal with their own sexuality, problems with a partner and are not afraid to talk about it freely and openly.

Sex Education

This series has received an absolute majority of positive reviews from viewers around the world. The main character is shy teenager Otis, whose mother works as a sex therapist. Together with his classmate Maeve, Otis also decides to conduct therapy sessions for his peers to help them deal with embarrassing and confusing situations. Many questions are raised in the series: from unplanned pregnancy to determining one’s own sexual orientation.


A kind comedy about what to do when you’re in high school facing an unplanned pregnancy, uncertainty in relationships, and endless attempts to understand yourself. Pregnant high school girl Juno finds a pleasant married couple who wants to adopt her unborn child. The girl faces very unchildish questions: what to do? What’s best for her baby? How to behave now with a classmate whom she likes?

Geographic Club

A group of Goodkind high school students came up with the idea of creating a «geographical» club. The legend is that it will be a hobby club where students will study geography, but in fact, it will bring together young people of different sexual orientations to share their experiences and feelings without fear of being judged or offended by their peers.

The Inbetweeners

British series about a group of teenagers trying to cope with the transition age and all the ensuing problems: relationships, first sex, study. How not to disgrace yourself in front of the eyes of the whole school, how to get rid of local bullies, how to seduce a girl you like, how to pass an exam when your head is completely wrong – all this the story of four friends will tell.


It’s a Norwegian series about a group of friends. Each season the story is told by different heroes. In the first season, the main character Eva tries to figure out the difficult relationship with her boyfriend. In the second season Noora, a serious excellent student, realizes her prejudices in her relationship with William. Isak, the main character of season three, tries to understand his own sexual orientation and to build a relationship with a guy who has bipolar disorder. The fourth season tells the story of a Muslim, Sana Bakkoush, who faces difficulties because of her religion.

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