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4 main reasons for a child’s bad behavior

Parents Tips
why do kids misbehave

«He/she is doing it out of spite!» – that is what their parents usually say about a kid who is not listening to them. In fact, the reason for any disobedience is an unmet need for love, attention, understanding, safety, protection, recognition, and care. Therefore, a child’s bad behavior is a sign that now is the time to help him/her.

A lack of attention

Attention is the most valuable thing we can give to children. Find time for the kid in your busy schedule, spend at least 20 minutes together daily without distractions. Usually many communication problems and even hysterics disappear after regular parent-to-child conversations and games

It is even more difficult with a teenager – sudden attention from parents can alert him. Be patient and continue to be gentle with your interest in communication. At first, it is enough to avoid criticism, just demonstrate love and support. The main thing is not to fake and honestly show yourself.

Not enough personal space and respect

Even animals have their own personal territory; an attempt on it causes conflicts and strife. Nobody likes that. Neither will the baby. He/she has his/her own things, room, hobbies, thoughts, ideas about the world, his/her need for respect and acceptance.

A friend of mine used to want the door to his room closed sometimes. His mother was against it and demanded that the door always should be open because this is her home and it would be as she said. Imagine how a child who was deprived of his personal space felt.

The child takes revenge

This reason is related to the two previous ones, but it can still be picked out into a separate item. If a child intentionally behaves badly and aggressively with you or others, look for the cause in his/her emotional world. When children feel that they are not loved, they start showing and proving that it is really true. «Do you treat me badly? Then I will be bad. I’ll show you how bad I can be».

The child doesn’t believe in his/her own success

If a child loses faith in himself/herself – he/she can’t see where to go next and gives up. Where can there be problems and how to help? Like adults: friends, self-realization, family, social status. Parents have to believe in their kids, help him/her to show creative personalities. Do not fill children’s lives with your unfulfilled dreams, but observe and support what the child likes the most. Help to move in the direction of his/her talents and hobbies.

Parents should help, not judge and criticize. Do not leave your child with his or her problems one-on-one, but try to show him or her that everything is right and every all tasks are solvable. Be the best friend for your baby, then there may be no serious reasons for bad behavior.

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