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100 days of school shirt ideas

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100th day of school shirt

Every schoolboy (preschooler) is looking forward to meeting his or her first teacher/educator. The whole family is excited to see their little son or daughter take the first step towards adult life. One can only imagine how worried the family is that the child will join the team and will not be disappointed with the first days at school.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the spirit of the holiday in honor of a new event.

There is a cool idea which is supported by parents, pupils, and teachers in many countries of our planet – it is the creation of “100th day of school shirt” or for preschoolers.

It is a great way to create something together and to develop creative skills to celebrate the anniversary of your educational activity. We watched a lot of 100 days of school shirt ideas and chose the coolest ones that are suitable for the youngest children and those who study at high school. And it doesn’t require serious investment.

In addition, every child has a monotonous (even the oldest) T-shirt. You can choose any color that your child likes. The darkest and most unsightly T-shirt will turn into a creative masterpiece.

100 days of school ideas for preschool

If the T-shirt is found, you should proceed to search for the right materials. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and use everything you want: rubber beetles, hearts/flowers/butterflies, coins, stickers, designer, felt figurines; dyes for fabric (they are designed for dyeing textiles).

100th day of school shirt ideas for kindergarten

100 day of school shirt idea

Here it is important to take into account the child’s hobbies (favorite cartoon, game, or animals) and what sensations, impressions it had or prevailed during these “difficult” 100 days in kindergarten.

Let’s start with the easiest options

As you have already understood it can be win-win girl favorites – stars, hearts, hairpins, colorful feathers, fluffy bows, images or figures of princesses, buttons, candy (or candy wraps), pins. In general, all that you have or are associated with those 100 days that you have experienced or that flew unnoticed.

DIY 100 days of school shirt for little girls and boys

100 days of school t shirts best ideas

100 days of school t-shirts ideas in love, joy, and delight

This is the easiest option when a child can express positive emotions with the help of various elements that are associated with pleasant memories.

As an example of a T-shirt with hearts. It can be a lot of scattered hearts of different sizes all around the perimeter of the front of the T-shirt.

Another cool variant is the 99 little hearts that are gathered into one big one.

The third idea with hearts. Scattered, colorful, and identical hearts (99 pieces) and on the left side (in the chest area) one big and red.

The inscription can be any – funny or lyrical, depending on the feelings of the child.

Use decorative feathers or real ones (you may have a farm, your own birds).

Thus, your child can depict how quickly the funny days in kindergarten flew by.

100-th day of school shirt ideas

100th day of school shirt ideas

Pupils can already formulate their thoughts and real experiences more clearly after the first 100 days in the new class. T-shirts can be with an image of a teacher or classmates. To be funny and witty.

  • For example, one of the brightest examples of the 100 days of school shirt idea is the beetles and other creeping creatures. And you can place an inscription among these crawlers “100 days since I got sick of my teacher”. This is especially true for those students who often disrupted the lessons and behaved not very approximately.
  • A beautiful version of 100 days of school t-shirts ideas with stars and moon (T-shirt may not be dark). Where all the classmates are stars and one moon-night (that is, the teacher) which could light up the light in each child. And the inscription can be appropriate “Thank you for the light you gave for 100 days!”
  • 100th day of school t-shirt ideas with paint. It can be the 100 emojis that you painted for 100 days before the holiday. Each of these emoji can reflect a child’s mood or emotions from a certain day at school. And as a result, summarize the overall impression with one biggest and most generalizing.
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